Fundamental Issues In Sleepwear Uncovered

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Roast chicken and roast potatoes Should I stop eating roast potatoes? Do not panic - you do not need to give up on the delicious Sunday roast staple just yet. Crispy, brown roast potatoes which are traditionally cooked at very high temperatures do produce acrylamide, but the key is to try to cook them to the right colour. "Go for gold" is what the FSA advises - that is a golden yellow colour, rather than brown. And that applies to parsnips and all types of potato products too. So if you are a roast potato fanatic you might want to rein in your obsession and cook them a little less often. If you love them at Christmas and special occasions in-between, then try turning down the oven heat and taking the roast potatoes out before they start to turn excessively crispy and brown. Won't that change the taste? Well, during the browning process, when starchy foods are heated they do give off new flavours and aromas.